Kiddush Cup and Plate

Kiddush Cup and Plate


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Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup and Plate

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The sterling silver plate of this beautiful Filigree set is made in a circular shape, with a wide border surrounding the sleek center. A brilliant design encircles the rim of the plate, made of finely shaped strands of silver, with a sleek border on either side of it, lending this piece a look of true sophistication. The silver kiddush cup is supported by a circular platform which rises slightly before arching up to reach the stem. The stem widens as it rises, narrowing at the top, and then widening again just beneath the cup. The bottom of the cup is made in a round shape, curving out and in as it climbs, before bending back out to end in a broader lip, with a pattern like that on the plate circling it at its widest point. An elegant set to be treasured for years to come.


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